After Three Minutes by Anri Sala (2007)

A Second Look

An element of a drum kit is once again picked up in ‘After Three Minutes’ (2007), a double video projection above the gallery’s temporary ceiling. This new work re-presents ‘Three Minutes’ (2004), a silent video in which a cymbal is filmed under strobe lighting so that, shot from above and with no clear human presence, it becomes a dazzlingly visual rather than sonic object. Conscious that, in this first version, standard video equipment misses more than half the double strobe’s 60 light flashes per second, Sala re-filmed it projected at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, using a security camera that further heightened that sense of technology not capturing what we take for granted by splicing its thrashed rhythm into only two stills per second. Now the cymbal stutters from dramatic flare to near darkness with a wholly different pulse to the earlier piece. ‘After Three Minutes’ projects both videos alongside and in synchronicity with each other, but never at the same time as the works in the lower level; it can be viewed directly from the gallery’s mezzanine or as diffused light through the translucent ceiling from the dark, empty gallery below.