Arnulf Rainer Flicker Film (1960)

Arnulf Rainer is a 1960 Austrian experimental short film by Peter Kubelka. It is one of the earliest flicker films.[1]

After his clients’ negative response to Adebar and Schwechater, Kubelka moved from Vienna, Austria to Stockholm, Sweden.[6]His friend, painter Arnulf Rainer, commissioned him to make a film about Rainer.[7] Before Kubelka was able to purchase film for the project, he laid out patterns on pieces of paper.[4] He made the film out of two strips of film stock—one transparent and one black—and two strips of magnetic sound—one with no signal and one with continuous white noise.[8] Kubelka named the film after Rainer as thanks for sponsoring the project and as a “compromise” in the event that he was disillusioned with the result.[7]Arnulf Rainer premiered May 1960 in Vienna, where most of the audience walked out of the screening. Kubelka has stated that after the premiere, he “lost most of [his] friends because of Arnulf Rainer“.[6]