After Three Minutes by Anri Sala (2007)

A Second Look An element of a drum kit is once again picked up in ‘After Three Minutes’ (2007), a double video projection above the gallery’s temporary ceiling. This new work re-presents ‘Three Minutes’ (2004), a silent video in which a cymbal is filmed under strobe lighting so that, shot from above and with […]

Arnulf Rainer Flicker Film (1960)

Arnulf Rainer is a 1960 Austrian experimental short film by Peter Kubelka. It is one of the earliest flicker films.[1] After his clients’ negative response to Adebar and Schwechater, Kubelka moved from Vienna, Austria to Stockholm, Sweden.[6]His friend, painter Arnulf Rainer, commissioned him to make a film about Rainer.[7] Before Kubelka was able to purchase […]

T.O.U.C.H.I.N.G. by Paul Sharits (1968)

T.O.U.C.H.I.N.G. by Paul Sharits 16mm, 1968, 11 minutes, color, sound “I´d like to give up Imitation and Illusion and I´d like to enter the higher drama of Celluloid, 2 dimensional film stripes, individual images, nature of perforation and emulsion, projector operations … Light as energy creates its own objects, shadows and textures. If you take […]