point back to the technologies of your making

“The technology becomes visible through its failures. Glitches and errors constitute evidence of its origins; we see the material through disruption.” “The incorporation of noise into music and the significance of this procedure for the 8-bit scene perhaps needs no explanation, except to note that when musical elements are experienced as noise, they do insomuch […]

The Dark and The Light – The Brakhage Lectures

Each sea-shell and each shell-of-ear contains the outside musical possibilities inherent from birth—the former, the sea creature, a chamber of, say, calcium carbonate which receives a world of vibrations . . . . vibrations being The World that the bit-of-meat! creature expands and recoils within: whereas Man’s ear is meat-pushed-out—the latter a flesh sound- catcher […]

rate of flickering

The stills may be clear-cut and sharp, and succeed one another without superimposition or overlap, but more commonly they are somewhat blurred, as with a too-long photographic exposure, and they persist for so long that each is still visible when the next “frame” is seen, and three or four frames, the earlier ones progressively fainter, […]